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They still don't know or have doubts about what to do professionally.


They do not yet know in what and how to train themselves to be better prepared for the job market.


They do not feel prepared to take part in an internship or job interview.


They don't know what to do to facilitate their access to job market.


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Learn about our 6Cs method

In this first C, we help you define your career goal.

Career profile test

According to the Career Profile, we bring you which soft skills are most demanded by job market.

Assessment of competence

In this step, we indicate customized development actions, according to the competence Gaps identified.

Training capacitation plan

CV simulator curriculum

Only after going through the first 3Cs will the young person be ready to build a differentiated curriculum for the market.

Minicourse on NETWORKING

In the fifth step, Connection, we teach you how to build and maintain a network, the famous networking.

Interviewing interviewing

In the last C, that of Communication, we bring the moment of the internship or job interview, where we show what are the main selection techniques existing in the market.

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See why Lais considers her experience at Cmov as one of the best she has ever had in her life in terms of her career.

Tadeu tells us how, after 4 months of trying for an internship, he managed to get an incredible position with the help of Cmov.

Watch other super testimonials and find out why 92% of young people rate the Cmov platform between very good and excellent!

Descubra porque Noel considera a Plataforma da Cmov a melhor do Brasil.

Tais, has experienced the platform and super recommends it because she says it really helps for those who want to enter or re-enter the market.

Gabriela found the platform amazing because it enabled her self-knowledge and to know the "how" to build a successful career.

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